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The climate

The republic of the Philippines, 2500 km from north to south, has many different climates. We are a good diving destination all year round.

Cebu island is one of the driest islands of the Philippines and has no clear "wet" or "dry" season. Further more, on Moalboal peninsula, we have a very dry micro climate.
The hot months are usually March and April where it almost never rains. The climate is particularly pleasant during summer months (Jun to Nov) with temperatures around 28˚C, regular rain shower usually at night and most of the days you can enjoy the sunshine. The rest of the year we have an average of 5 sunny days per week.

Water temperatures range from 26-30˚C. Air temperatures range from 25-28˚C at night and 28-32˚C during the day.

Cebu is located about 800 km below the typhoon corridor. The last sever typhoon that hit Cebu island and the Visayas was in 1990.

The health

No special precautions or vaccines are required to visit the Philippines by the exception of Mindoro, Palawan and Mindanao island where cases of malaria are reported now and then.

The republic of the Philippines is known throughout the world for its outstanding health care staff. In all mayor cities you will find hospitals that operate on a high international standard.

The politic

Cebu is about 1000 Km away from the small area in the very southern part of the country where there is an occasional but very local unrest caused by a Muslim minority.

Since the republic of the Philippines is one of the rare country in the region with a constitutional democracy and a free press, rather small local incidents are frequently blown up out of proportions!

The Philippines people are well known for their hospitality, kindness and smile that comes from the heart.

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